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"A Unique Party Idea"
231 Pearl Street, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
1-800-903-3348 or 631-588-3348

"A Unique Party Idea"...yes that's exactly what it was back in 1981 when I rented out my first hot dog pushcart for a backyard graduation party. Over the years my friends have often asked me, "Roy, how did you come up with the idea to rent out pushcarts for people's parties?" I tell them that I'm simply providing a service that people want. After all, everybody loves to enjoy themselves and have a good time, right? Couple that with the fact that people love "fun foods" such as hot dogs, popcorn, ice cream, pretzels and cotton candy, no matter how old they may be. Imagine having a "pushcart" delivered right to your home or business, fully functional, well stocked and looking fabulous to boot! Then imagine yourself being the life of the party serving your guests, or having them serve themselves, or even be served by a uniformed attendant.

When I was younger and growing up in Queens, New York I ate a lot of hot dogs from the local hot dog stand in my neighborhood. I just plain loved hot dogs and felt that I was pretty knowledgeable about them. Little did I know that one day I would have my very own hot dog truck. Infact, the legacy of "Pushcart Parties" began with my good old hot dog truck concession parked along a busy roadway. People would stop in regularly for lunch or after a busy day of shopping. They simply could not resist the smell of those steaming hot "bad boys". My customers would tell me that they wouldn't mind eating hot dogs every day if they could. But they would soon come to the realization that the hot dogs they cooked at home never really tasted as good as the dogs you get from a stand or a pushcart. One day I was invited to a party and I brought some of my "Sabretts" with me and all the trimmings of course. Wouldn't you know it, those hot dogs were the hit of the party, not one was left over!

I thought to myself, that it would be great to rent out hot dog pushcarts for parties and people could have fun preparing their own "tube steaks" just the way they like them. I could even have servers accompany the pushcarts and serve the guests. To make a long story short, That's exactly what I did, I sold my hot dog truck, bought a van and purchased an old hot dog pushcart through one of my hot dog suppliers. The only problem was that standard pushcarts were too big to fit through most doorways, so my early rentals were confined to back yard parties or parks. Eventually I located a stainless steal metal worker who custom-built mini pushcarts and eventually I had carts going everywhere. Requests for other "fun food" pushcarts soon followed, we expanded.

Our Pushcarts are easy to operate, clean and delivered at your convenience. The pushcarts are usually the hit of any party or event, infact I would have to say that 60% of our business is to repeat customers. Check out our referral page on our web site.

Yes, if your looking for that "unique party idea" consider having a pushcart at your next event. Each successful event that we are a part of is a direct reflection on our reputation, and is our greatest form of advertisement. When your party is a hit so are we. Simply call our office at the phone number listed above or request one of our color brochures which outlines the various carts we have available. Make your next special event a memorable one, call Pushcart Parties today.



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