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  Here at Pushcart Parties we realize how important your event can be, whether it be a 15 person backyard party for your uncle Leo or a 300 person banquet. That's why we provide our clients with top-notch, "clean-cut", professional attendants to man our equipment. Our staff is made up of people who have had much experience in the food/beverage and hospitality industries. Infact, many of our attendants have been with us since the inception of Pushcart Parties and have been a part of many impressive events over the years. Thus, our staff is experienced in giving great service! We take pride in making you and your guests feel like royalty, personalized attention is our creed. So, if you need a bartender, waiter, outdoor grill attendant, hostess or simply a pushcart food server give us a call.

  Have a preference as to the attire of your server? No problem...we have three different uniform styles to choose from. Usually our attendants arrive dressed in our standard "Pushcarts" red & white striped shirt and black pants. However, for those more dapper affairs, our servers can don what we call the "black & white" look. This uniform consists of a white dress shirt, bow-tie, black pants and black shoes. The third uniform is one of the two as mentioned already but with a red "Pushcart Parties" apron worn around the waist. For those nostalgic theme parties we have also equipped our servers with garters to where on their sleeves and straw hats...but you must specifically request this style.

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