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Perfect alternative to the Popcorn Pushcart if space is very limited. This unit rests securely on any level surface. Easy and safe to operate, simply pour pre-popped popcorn into warmer and serve or pour kernels, oil and flavoring into the kettle provided and sit back. Scoop popped corn into boxes and serve...it's that easy! The portability of the Popcorn Machine makes it perfect for store, restaurant, bar and video shop use.

Power supply:  Electric (1300 watts/8 amps/120 volts) extension cord not included.
Measurements:  18" wide x 16" long x 31" high.
Total weight (empty):  Approx. 72 lbs.
Umbrella style options:  None.
Serving capacity:  Continuous.
Composition:  Stainless steel glass.
Color:  Assorted models.
Equipped with:  Popcorn scooper.
Storage:  Can only store popped corn in showcase.
Rental method:  Daily, weekly or monthly.
Choice of product:  Pre-popped popcorn or packs of kernel/oil/flavoring.

Typical event usage:  Graduation parties, birthday parties, bar/batmizvahs, corporate/office parties, indoor & outdoor children's parties, theme parties, picnics, carnivals, concessions, sporting events.

Notes:  Great for indoor and outdoor use. Very portable.

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