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This is the cart that started it all! The Hot Dog Cart is probably the most popular cart in our "fleet". This cart is also the most versatile when it comes to its applications. It can be used at the smallest of back yard parties to the largest of events; such as "The New York City Marathon" in which we had almost twenty of these carts giving out hot dogs for a major fund-raising corporation. The Hot Dog Cart is quite simple to operate and is actually fun to use. You'll want to abandon your party or event to prepare hot dogs for your guests, loading them up with various condiments. No special training is necessary, the cart is dropped off, set up in the location you prefer and picked up at your instruction. A uniformed server can be provided at an additional cost. We can supply the hot dogs, rolls, mustard, catsup, sauerkraut, onions, relish, napkins and plates or you can. This cart adds that special touch to any event or party.

Power supply:  Sterno Sterno.
Measurements:  25" wide x 55" long x 50" high.
Total weight (empty):  Approx. 250 lbs.
Umbrella style options:  Red & white, blue & white, yellow & white, standard "Sabrett" (blue & Yellow).
Serving capacity:  Holds 100 hot dogs & rolls at one time along with condiments. Hot dogs can be replenished continually.
Composition:  Stainless Steel.
Color:  Gray stainless steel, silver fenders, black rubber tires.
Equipped with:  Umbrella, 1 sterno tray with enough sterno cans for 4-5 hours, 2 condiment pots, 1 mustard cylinder w/applicator, 1 set of tongs, some carts equipped with napkin dispensers. When food is ordered with cart, napkins, plates and all condiments are included.
Storage:  100 hotdogs, 100 rolls, condiments in underneath compartment.
Rental method:  Daily, weekly or monthly.
Choice of product:  We prefer to carry the world famous Sabrett all beef, original NY style hotdogs! However, we can usually provide a wide range of products such as: pork, turkey and chicken hotdogs, Kosher hot dogs, "foot long" hotdogs, "mini" hot dogs, sausages, spiced sausage, "white-hots" and tofu. We also supply the rolls, condiments (brown, yellow or "Gray Poupon" mustard, ketchup, pickle relish, red onions, sauerkraut). Ask about our new "chili" dogs!

Typical event usage:  Graduation parties, wedding cocktail hours, promotional events, auto dealership specials, picnic outings, corporate/office parties, dances, boat cruises, bar/batmizvahs, christenings, back yard barbeques, indoor & outdoor childrens' parties, "fight nights", Superbowl parties, bar/pubs, dance clubs, grand openings, block parties, beach parties, large cook-outs, fund raisers, carnivals, TV commercials/movie props, restaurants, concessions, fashion shows, savings and loan/bank promos, holiday parties, outdoor sporting events, exhibits, concerts, car shows, tradeshows.

Notes:  This pushcart was specifically designed for indoor use but can also be used outdoors as well. Probably our most popular as well as versatile pushcart, it can be used for almost any event!

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