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A unique blast from the past! Back in Coney Island & Brooklyn's hey-day"Egg Creams" were as common as Coca-Cola and Pepsi are today. Known also as a "two-cents plain", the original egg cream was served with a lightly salted pretzel rod for stirring purposes. Know one really knows why this drink is called an "egg cream" when there are no eggs in the ingredients. The drink is simply a smooth blend of carbonated soda water mixed with vanilla or chocolate syrup and milk. Basically the end result is a vanilla or chocolate soda that tastes great. Ask your parents or grand parents about this one...they'll remember! The egg cream cart can be supplied with or without product and with or without a server.

Power supply:  CO2 gas tank carbonates water for the fountain.
Measurements:  23" wide x 40" long x 32" high.
Total weight (empty):  Approx. 320 lbs.
Umbrella style options:  Brown & white.
Serving capacity:  Yields approx. 250-300 servings before water tank needs to be re-filled.
Composition:  Stainless steel and plexi.
Color:  Brown & white plexi on silver stainless steel.
Equipped with:  Umbrella, cup dispenser, CO2 gas tank, chilled water tank, 2 syrup pumps,1 milk pump, 1 mixing spoon and 1 clear plastic pretzel rod showcase as seen.
Storage:  Holds enough carbonated water, syrup and milk for approximately 250 servings before needing to be replenished. Holds approximately 100 pretzels at one time in showcase as well.
Rental method:  Daily or weekly, call for monthly.
Choice of product:  Fox's U-bet vanilla and chocolate flavored syrups provided. Salted pretzel rods.

Typical event usage:  Nostalgia theme events, retirement parties, birth day parties, graduations, concessions, promotional events, carnivals, auto dealership specials, picnic outings, corporate/office parties, backyard parties, grand openings, block parties, fund-raisers, TV commercial/movie props, bank promotions, holiday parties, exhibits, store fronts and tradeshows.

Notes:  This pushcart can be used for indoor as well as outdoor events.

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