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This pushcart is ideal for food items not requiring any type of special preparation. With different surface inserts this cart can accommodate trays of assorted chilled hors d'oeuvres, shrimp cocktail medleys, cold-cut platters, six-foot submarine sandwiches, salads, ice carvings and our newest desert pastry assortment.

Power supply:  None needed.
Measurements:  24" wide x 48" long x 7' high (with canopy in place).
Total weight (empty):  Approx. 320 lbs.
Umbrella style options:  None, Red & white canopy instead.
Serving capacity:  Holds many different food products in a variety of ways depending on the insert installed.
Composition:  Stainless Steel and plexi-glass.
Color:  Red plexi-glass on silver stainless steel.
Equipped with:  Canopy, struts for canopy, special insert (where applicable).
Storage:  Extra product can be stored in underneath compartment.
Rental method:  Daily, weekly or monthly.
Choice of product:  Assorted cold hors d'oeuvres, shrimp cocktail, cold-cut platters, six- foot submarine sandwiches, garden, caesar, macaroni, potato salads, ice carvings and our newest desert pastry, cookie and cake assortment.

Typical event usage:  Graduation parties, holiday parties, birthday parties, bar/batmizvahs, christenings, corporate/office parties, indoor & outdoor children's parties, theme parties, reunions, "pot-luck".

Notes:  Let our professional party coordinator help you plan your "fun food" selection for your next event event.

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